Robo Call Solution

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“Automate Voice Broadcast System”


C-Zentrix comes with a unique functionality of auto dialing and playing prerecorded message to the end customer. The customer can be just played a message or taken to a complete IVR flow to get their feedback using DTMF inputs.

The functionality is very useful for marketing and survey businesses where a lead set can be uploaded and dialed automatically  and the feedback can be taken from the end customer without any human intervention. The complete reporting of the options selected by the end user is made available to the administrator by the end of the calling day.

The solution is also useful for insurance renewals, collection reminders, and disaster management. The list for calling can be uploaded in excel format directly to the Robo call system or can be pushed in real time from third party applications (CRMs, BI tools, SMS gateways, websites) using standard HTTP based APIs.


Key Features

It’s an easy and quick way to broadcast recorded messages automatically across to multiple people in quick time. It can be used as an effective tool to reach people in cases of disaster management, social, awareness, emergency holiday announcements, etc.

Robo Call is an effective survey tool which can be used to take feedbacks from customers without any human intervention. As soon as the call is answered by the customer; he is taken to an IVR flow where he is asked various questions and the answer can be punched in as a DTMF input option from his mobile or land line. End of the survey a detailed survey report is available for the administrator to study.

Text To Speech functionality helps the system to pick relevant information (example: account balance, date and time, status of complaints, queries,etc.) from a third party database and announce it to the end customer using text to speech engine. This is very useful for scenarios where the customer should be updated about his account status , payment status, etc. on a daily basis. (example: Demat account status, bank account status, insurance renewal, etc.)

Standard APIs to plugin to third party database, CRM, BI tools, SMS gateways, etc. are available with the solution which helps customer integrate the C-Zentrix Robo call easily to his existing applications. The phone numbers to be dialed out by the system can be pushed in real time by the third party tool.

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