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Technology For All

In the current highly competitive marketplace, one of the most important differentiator for any business is better customer service. Even a small business owner knows that the personalized service and in-depth expertise are the two ways to gain customer loyalty. However businesses are now taking the next logical step of clubbing excellent service with enhanced communication with their customers, also known as Customer Engagement. Technique of customer engagement enables the organizations to understand their customers’ individual requirements and thus create personalized offerings for a large set of them.

C-Zentrix along with its technical and business expertise intents to help businesses across the industries to establish and enhance their customer engagement centers.

C-Zentrix array of products provides customer engagement solutions in vivid flavors to suite the requirements of various business sizes and types. It fills the gap in the market for an end to end customer engagement solution with its contact center and variety of CRM applications.


Key Features

Various communication channels like email, SMS, Chat and social media are integrated with C-Zentrix Contact Center to provide better customer engagement

Full blown contact center with facilities including IVR, ACD, Voice Logger, CRM, Reporting, Conferencing, Call barge in, Screen recording, Email, SMS, CHAT built on a single platform.

Completely browser based solution, saves investment on OS license

Minimal hardware usage, capacity to support up to 180 agents on a single PC server with all contact center functionalities

Real time call-center management, sitting remotely in any corner of the world

Sticking to its motto of making contact center easy to set up and manage by any organization, C-Zentrix comes with most easily configurable installation set up along with extremely user friendly agent and administrator interfaces.