Texting & Transmitting Automation of 50 Websites by Compact Processes

Texting & Transmitting Automation of 50 Websites by Compact Processes 2017-10-30T10:47:29+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Country: South Africa                                                        
Solution: Java
Framework: Groovy & Grails

Client Profile

A telecommunication company from South Africa, facilitating a wide range of services to a diversified customer base The client runs various websites to foster and support a number of products.

Business Scenario

The client controls more than 50 Java-based websites, belonging to various domains. The website administrators send immense emails to customers for branding and marketing purposes. The client wanted a solution that would:

  • Run-well and automate sending template-based texts and emails to the users and customers frequenting the websites
  • Get rank reports on the receipt or failure of messages.

The challenge was to form one single, cost-friendly solution that helps all the websites

Our Solution

Communication via messaging requires a lot of detailing for each website and coding and setting up of a technical ecosystem, so we decided to design a chief messaging service:

To cancel the need for investment in technical ecosystem, we made a Java client-server communication

This reach allowed us to transmit a cost-friendly solution, through processes that remain concentrated and streamlined (run-well)

At last, we successfully streamlined the way of setting up automatic messaging for all the websites by designing a Java client and other web services

Business Benefits

  • Cost-friendly, systematic and manageable messaging automation for over 50 website
  • Wide and flexible solution: the java client that can be dispersed to any Java-based site – making it feasible to apply it to other websites in future