Room Reservation Systems for Hospitality Service Providers

Room Reservation Systems for Hospitality Service Providers 2017-10-11T11:40:42+00:00

Project Description

Project Brief

Customer: Medium
Country: Singapore
Domain: Hospitality
Solution: Dynamics CRM

Client Profile

Client from Singapore has +11 years experience provides premier lifestyle and hospitality service, plush accommodation, leisure and vacation choices across various parts of the world. With offerings like holiday packages, hotels & resorts, club memberships and wellness centers, client successfully served more than 300,000 members worldwide.

Business Scenario

Client’s hospitality division come up with a vision to project itself as one of the hospitality and leisure service and solution provider by serving global customers in South East Asia.

Client already have a business relationship on place by signing MOU and Agreements with leading hotels and resorts across the territory and served successfully to its 300,000 Members through 24/7 call centres operating in 22 languages.

To upgrade the class of services including customer reservation requests , client staff worked round the clock to screen and identify inventories. Client updated its systems with a PHP based solution after sorting available rooms in to excel format, Manual mapping of the available room inventories and reservation request was time consuming along with this staff also came across the issues like below;

  • Multi location based inventory management delivered an outcome in lack of clarity at staff level globally,
  • Issue of multiple booking raised maintenance and rework cost along with damaging the brand of our client.

Our Solution

We studied the whole existing process systems identified the system vulnerability and did a comprehensive consulting and solution oriented discussion with client and finally came to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a booking system hosted on dynamics to fix all on-going issues also cope up with upcoming challenges for at least next five years.

In this process we centralized all inventory management process, facility to manage inventory upgrade or degrade up to peer staff level fetching absolute correct room availability status, the upgraded solution empowered staff to upload room inventory in associated brands of hotel followed by third party hotels. We also facilitated an advanced search for room inventory for any particular hotel. We also coded inventory request feature in case of CEA Failed to find an inventory from a particular list.

We managed to automate 80% of operations and reduced the human resources cost up to 30%