Process Flow Automation Application for Banking Giant

Process Flow Automation Application for Banking Giant 2017-10-14T07:40:58+00:00

Project Description

Project Brief

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: India
Domain: BSFI
Programming Language: C#
Development Framework: .Net Framework 4.5
Application Design Structure: MVC
Database: SQL Server 2012
Browser Compatibility: Latest Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari 
Development Environment: Windows

Client Profile

Client is India’s one of the fastest growing private sector banks, over 3 million satisfied customers and network of 244 branches spread across 20 Indian states and Union Territories. World Economic Forum recognized client a ‘Global Growth Company’ (GGC) for its varied service and excellent customer service

Business Scenario

Client to its 3.1 Million customers, offers vairety of services like Corporate and Institutional Banking, Branch and Business Banking, Agri-business Banking, Commercial Banking, Development Banking and Financial Inclusion, Treasury and Financial Markets Operations. There were thousands of transactions carried out across the branches to process client’s request

To deal with these situation, the tellers, verifiers and managers had to manually process the request using disintegrated and basic systems like MS Excel. Also, managing the paper documents became a challenging task. Considering these adverse conditions, client required an effective process flow automation tool.

Our Solution

Our emphasis was on project analysis phase hence we visited the client site to understand the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day operations carried out by the employees, end customer’s grievances and key requirements. A gap analysis study was conducted to determine the technical drawbacks of the current system

We proposed Banking Process Automation and request management system that cateres multiple requests regarding clearing, forwarding, money exchange, loan, Over Draft etc. comes from thousands of customers across different branches of the Bank. We also integrated an audit trail system along with the performance management system to track and protect transcations from tampering and fraudulent activities and to get update about the delay of the transaction that led to 70% reduction in time consumed to complete the transactions