Developed Comprehensive Digital Publishing Platform for Print Publisher

Developed Comprehensive Digital Publishing Platform for Print Publisher 2017-10-30T09:53:09+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Country: India
Domain: Publishing
Solution: Groovy, Grails, HTML5, jQuery, MySQL , Apache Tomcat Application Server

Client Profile

Client is A renowned books publisher wanted to revolutionizing the regional digital market by offering complete eBook solutions to authors and other publishers

End-to-end publishing company, specifically created for publishers & authors who want to sell and promote books online. Client offers efficient and cost-effective option for publishing firms who want to profit from the popularity of eBooks and online shopping.

Business Scenario

The client was an end-to-end publishing company, specializing in helping publishers and authors market and sell their books online. The client helped regional language authors and publishers convert their books into eBooks. The client wanted a solution that enabled seamless book distribution, kept eBooks secure and helped convert books and digital books written in regional languages into standard eBooks.

Our Solution

Our focus was creating an eBook conversion and DRM solution that came together on an eCommerce platform. One of the problems our talented team of developers overcame was the inability of mobile devices and eReaders to recognized regional language fonts. They integrated internationally recognized Unicode fonts to ensure book readability across devices. Our next step was to conduct a thorough analysis of various available DRM platforms to check which best aligned with client objectives. We zeroed in on ADEPT (Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology) as our platform of choice as it enabled us to enhance the security of eBooks on the site without adversely impacting UX. We also developed an extensive eCommerce platform. All this led to a growth in client business owing to the smooth DRM process and conversion ability of the site.

Business Benefits

  • By implementation of secure and smooth DRM process increased higher author and publisher acceptance rate
  • Secure, online platforms empowers regional authors and publishersto sell and rent eBooks online
  • Smooth and fast managementof author, publisher, eBooks, members and online selling through intuitive backend