End-To-End Ecommerce Solutions increased Jewellery Store sales by 67%

End-To-End Ecommerce Solutions increased Jewellery Store sales by 67% 2017-10-30T10:11:25+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer Size: Medium
Country: Canada
Domain: Fashion & Apparel
Solution: NET 4.0, MVC 4.0, Ajax and JavaScript, SQL Server 2008

Client Profile

The client is a top Canada based jewellery manufacturer and designer, running business since more than 200 years. Popular for crafting diamond rings for engagement and wedding bands of premium quality.

Business Scenario

The client wanted a wider choice range, while selecting the rings. Few of their clients were satisfied with the prevailing designs while some of them wanted to get their engagement rings customised, which was difficult for the company to display.

The ultimate challenge was to conceptualize and design a software tool, which will be able to provide jewellery design previews and prices by integrating several parameters:

  • Attaching different parts (metals, stones, other parts)
  • The crafting cost to be calculated by fetching the current labour charges
  • The material cost to be calculated by using latest market prices for metals (Gold, Platinum, and Palladium), diamonds and various gem stones

We knew that the tool, which would enable users to make customized jewellery, would be able to win us only half the battle. To increase its benefits, we had to:

  • Combine the tool with admin and shipping modules and most parts of the ordering and shipping process were to be automated
  • Renovate the website design UI and UX for faster and sleeker shopping
  • Apply and quick checkout and visible reliable payment options
  • Executing the novel concept of creating custom jewellery design which attracted more clients, leading to boosting of online sales by 67%. Loyalty programs through automatic email reminders helped lower cart abandonment by 38%, while automating Management of Order and integration with FedEx Shipping lessened admin work pressure.

Our Solution

Made from scratch an engaging tool helping shoppers to design custom jewellery

An Intuitive slider that permits shoppers to tailor and design jewellery. Ajax-driven search makes sure that the customer easily finds a diamond of his taste and preference

Fully Automatic Metal Price Formula Calculator (for Platinum, Palladium, 24 Karat Gold, 18 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Gold). This makes the calculations depending on the latest market price.

An automated and streamlined admin process by developing order management module

An Integrated order management module with FedEx shipping for order processing; developed windows-based application for printing jewellery tag along with FedEx shipping label

Automated email programs set up for reminding customers to resume shopping through abandoned carts. Reconstructed ecommerce portal to provide easy access to customer and admin details. Executed customer loyalty and friend referral programs to support customer

Suitable and attractive UI that makes navigation easier

Intelligent customer loyalty management program and referral programs implemented

Fast and simple access to features like quick check out, invoicing, tracking of order, management of shipping,

Functionality for visitors set up to register for news feed, product updates, new product ideas, latest discount, special offers etc

Business Benefits

The three-pronged approach of ours, based on making custom design delightful, enhancing overall customer interaction with the brand, and sales automating, ordering and shipping processes helped the client:

  • To increase online sales by 67% in one year
  • To save more than 750 man-hours every month by lowering time investment in admin processes by automating order management and integrating with FedEx shipping
  • To reduce cart abandonment losses by 38% by customer loyalty programs, automatic email reminders and even special discounts