Mobile IOT Apps to Track Real-time Information of Patients

Mobile IOT Apps to Track Real-time Information of Patients 2017-10-14T08:12:06+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer Size: Independent Software Vendor
Country: Canada
Domain: Healthcare 
Development Framework: 
Application Design Structure: 
Lightweight, Stateless and Web-friendly architecture
Development Environment: 
Android Studio

Client Profile

Client is very reputed Canada based healthcare provider with deep extended roots in community and social wellbeing, Client provide Laboratory Information and Management Systems (LIMS), integrated EHR/EMR/PHR, physicians and patients portal, healthcare interoperability, RIS and PACS Systems with a vision and mission for seamless health IT.

Business Scenario

Clietn wanted to create a wearable IoT device for one of the biggest healthcare provider of Canada. Challenge was to design a strategic architecture which encompassed hardware and software, deal with smart phones, sensors, medical applications for data storage, diagnosis and tracing activities of the patient. Application should:

  • Easy Interaction Between Patient and Medical Practitioners
  • Functional on Android Systems
  • Engaging, Feature Rich, Simplified and Interactive UI
  • Sensing the heartbeats through hardware device

Our Solution

Wearables are currently the heart of MIoT as it has evolved with technology, developed greatly and considered reliable for self-health monitoring. We being an expert in developing Healthcare Solution has built a scalable application integrated with armband (wearable device) with real-time information of patients with chronic illness. The panic buttons on the devices can immediately send alert signals for emergency medical help. The functionalities of the solution are:
Prompts: We attached a speedometer to measure the speed and prompted the colors on the arm band, Green for moderate speed, Blue for brisk walk and Red for running.

Sensors: Used various sensors for glucometers, heart rates, scales and blood pressure monitoring. The vital data was accumulated throughout the day and was transmitted to the application for medical practitioner to measure the results

Push Notifications: Patients were notified about their medication time-slots, their walking/cycling speed to maintain an apt speed as notified by their health supervisor.

End-to-end Encryption: Doctors communicate with the patients via secure encrypted channel which support sharing videos, images, documents and PDF files via chats

Advanced Reporting: The vital patient data accumulated were presented in the form of charts and graphs for the medical practitioners for easy evaluation.

Real-time Monitoring: The armband was capable enough to transmit vital signals from patient’s location to the hospital with real time monitoring. The panic buttons on the devices could immediately send alert signals for emergency medical help.

Easy Patient Recruitment: The data collected through armband could help physicians, surgeons and medical researchers in the inclusions and exclusion of patient recruitment for clinical trials, saving operational costs and eliminating manual screening errors.

Benefits to End Users

  • Easy tracking of patient’s health
  • Online Chatting for easy interaction
  • Accurate evaluation through advanced reporting
  • Application and Armband for consulting saved cost and time
  • Push notifications reminding patients to take medication
  • Alert Message during heart anomalies
  • Improvement in the quality of life for heart patients