Mobile & Desktop Solution for directing Inventory for a UK Logistics Company

Mobile & Desktop Solution for directing Inventory for a UK Logistics Company 2017-10-30T10:38:29+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer Size: Medium
Solution: Net 3.5 Compact Framework, SQL Server CE

Client Profile

Our client is a logistics company whose chief task include combination of information, transportation, inventory management, warehousing and material handling

Business Scenario

As a logistics company, Integration or combination of information comprises tasks like updating details of goods, delivery position, purchase orders, invoices etc. This information is used for business intelligence and decision like cost cutting, transportation mode, transportation route, cost, flow of goods etc. When this is done manually a high possibility of error can be seen that can end up in an expensive mistake.

So, to improve effectiveness and overall profit, the company required a solution that could automate these tasks.

Our Solution

We developed a desktop solution and mobile solution for complete solutions.

By using .NET 3.5 CF & SQL Server CE, we developed a mobile application, which imported purchase orders and information of customers, their order etc. into hand-held barcode reader. These details were used to plan transportation routes and means of transportation.

Inventory of the shipments was balanced by examining the goods at warehouse and at clients’ location by handheld barcode reader. Even, when the mobile application was synchronized to central database via web services, its well-balanced stock inventory and integrated information that could be utilized by accounts department to create status report and invoices, etc.

We also integrated the desktop application with a central database to Sage Account products for various accounting purposes. This desktop application also created a barcode, printed barcode and produced reports


  • Better tracking ability for client
  • Improved efficiency as errors due to manual entry were removed
  • Enhanced business intelligence
  • Simpler data access