Mobile Application and web portal for Health and Fitness

Mobile Application and web portal for Health and Fitness 2017-10-14T08:11:21+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer Size: Small
Country: US
Domain: Fitness
Angular, JPA, Postgres SQL, NGINX, NODE JS, Objective C, Java
Development Framework: 
Play Framework, iOS 10.0, Android 4.4
Application Design Structure: 
Lightweight, Stateless and Web-friendly architecture
Browser Compatibility: 
Fire Fox, Chrome, Safari
Development Environment: 
Windows, Xcode 8, Android Studio

Client Profile

Client is based in Washington DC focuses on providing technology solution for lifestyle, sports, health and fitness domain. With health consciousness being one of the major trends amongst the cosmopolitans, client chose to cater cutting-edge technology solutions to all the participants of the chain.

Business Scenario

Our Client being a fitness enthusiast wanted to develop a digital platform to bring together all the contemporaries of the fitness domain. After extensive market study Client had a clear picture of the functionalities of the platform along with the monetization plan to make the business flourish. Client was not from technical backgroud hence he wanted to carry out feasibility study by reliable technical partner who can study Concept and shape his idea into a profitable technology solution.

Based on our experience in the Health and Fitness domain, client relied on our capabilities of Mobile Application Development

Our Solution

Afer conducting technical Feasibility and completing proof of concept, we delivered comprehensive backend which has analytical and support services. After conducting a feasibility test of the business model, a fully-functional website and an interactive mobile application was developed with following features:

Personalized Signup for the end-user sign-up using Facebook Signup, email sign-up and signup with mobile number. Each end-user had different navigation path and a separate set of details to be filled according to the role they played.

The solution also enabled trainers and gyms to provide Online Coaching service to the clients. Trainers can share a nutrition and diet plan either from the website or the mobile application along with other features like messaging and photo sharing. Trainers were also provided a platform to promote content like promotions, blogs and newsletters.

The solution also made varied payment windows based on the client’s multiple monetization strategies liked commission and fixed cost.