Leading Telecom Infrastructure Provider, Powered by C-Zentrix

Leading Telecom Infrastructure Provider, Powered by C-Zentrix 2017-10-30T08:57:15+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

The Client is a provider of tower and related infrastructure and on a consolidated basis, they are one of the largest tower infrastructure providers in India, based on the number of towers that the company owns and operates and the number of towers owned or operated.

Executive Summary

C-Zentrix has powered this leading telecom provider with better processes and complete automation of the fault management system throughout the country for the client.

Business Challenges

This leading telecom provider required an integrated system, which would be able to provide Enterprise application, enabled with advanced IVRS for automatic service request generation and automatic robocall reminder to field technical service engineers for tower fault notification and for bill payments of their circle tower sites. It was required to have SMS integration to send automatic service request ID’s to relevant circle service engineers. Manual ticket creation and ticket escalation was required for efficient fault management. Full-fledged application reporting, call recording, call routing facility for agents was also required.

Our Solution

C-Zentrix provided a state of the art Telephony Solution integrated along with a Ticketing Management System which was able to fetch tower fault information from their legacy system. Based on the criticality and pre-defined business logics fault information was conveyed to the relevant circle service engineers through automated Robocall and SMS facilities.

As soon as a fault is detected at the tower site by the sensors, a notification is sent to the legacy system. The C-Zentrix Ticketing Management System fetches the fault information from the legacy system and automatically raises a ticket against the problem reported. All tickets are stored in the Ticketing Management System for further processing. All calling policies and logics are embedded into the application which acts as an intelligent decision maker in order to process tower fault information for resolution of faults. This system also governs the fault notifications that need to be pushed to the C-Zentrix Telephony engine so it can be conveyed to the relevant on-site engineers.

Based on multiple logics and fault criticality the ticket information is then pushed from the Ticketing Management System to C-Zentrix Telephony system. Post authentication an automated Robocall (voice blaster) is initiated by the Dialer where the fault information is conveyed to the service engineer mobile number by announcement of tower faults using a TTS (Text to Speech) engine. An SMS is also sent to engineer’s mobile number along with service request ID information. The fault reminder on Robocall is needed to be acknowledged by the engineers by pressing options over the same Robocall. If after multiple retries engineer fails to accept the notification, then it is escalated to the respective circle senior hierarchy for further action and resolution of the issue.

Business Benefits

  • Process improvement and complete automation of the fault management system throughout the country
  • Application automation resulting in highly improved fault reporting and prompt resolution time
  • Fault notifications are sent to field technical engineers on their mobile phones through automated Robocall (voice blaster) and SMS.
  • Intelligent clubbing of relevant tower faults for notifications to the on field service engineers.
  • Automatic escalation and notifications to related circle hierarchy if the tower fault reminders are not acknowledged by service engineer