Radio Taxi Service Gets Faster with C-Zentrix Call Center Solution

Radio Taxi Service Gets Faster with C-Zentrix Call Center Solution 2017-10-30T09:37:26+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

Mega Cab which is known for its best fleet of luxurious car in the country, wanted to have a contact center technology which would Lead to a complete delight to its customer while booking a cab online or for any enquiry related to the booking. C-Zentrix brought to Mega Cab the technology, which would create the same delight to their customers as Mega Cab’s brand image

Business Challenges

Mega Cab was looking to have a seamless experience for its end customers with zero call failure, abandon call issues or voice quality issues while talking to their agents. The customer at the same time wished for a tightly coupled integration of the contact center solution with their Taxi Management System. Mega cab had its agents sitting out of Mumbai and New Delhi. They wanted to host the Contact Center Solution at the central location in Delhi where their IT team used to sit and allow PRI calls from Mumbai to be forwarded to Delhi for the agents to respond.

Our Solution

Mega Cab agreed to install the complete C-Zentrix Contact Center Solution out of their Delhi office. The PRI’s for Delhi were terminated directly on the C-Zentrix server, where as a small C-Zentrix Gateway was installed in Mumbai which tool the calls from Mumbai PRI and forwarded the same over an IP Connectivity to Delhi

The C-Zentrix Solution provided IVR, Voice Logger (100% Call Recording), ACD with skill based Routing, outbound preview and manual calling, call conferencing, call bargein, real time and historical MIS reporting, Call transfer and CTI integration

C-Zentrix standard web based API helped Mega Cab to seamlessly integrate the Taxi Management System with C-Zentrix calling solution. This meant that any customer calling on Mega cab call center would have all his previous booking details and transaction detail on the agent screen when the call got connected to agent. This provided a delightful experience to customer, as he did not have to provide all the detail again

The skill routing facility helped to connect to Mumbai customers to the agents dedicated to Mumbai campaign and Delhi customers to the agent in Delhi campaign. As per the options selected by the customer for Booking a new cab or enquiry on his existing booking, the call are routed accordingly to the right agent on floor.

Once the cab has been allocated or dispatched the confirmation call can be made by the supervisor using the outbound calling facility on C-Zentrix and if required also take the customer and the cab driver in conference to help them locate each other

The C-Zentrix auto call back facility for any abandon call in queue due to reasons like non-availability of free agent at that moment helps Mega cab reach out to its customers in quick time. The moment at agent is free the dialer dials the abandon call number and connects it to free agents. This provides a delightful experience to customer and makes them a loyal customer for Mega Cab

Business Benefits

Connect customer to right agent on floor using skill based routing

Have a single window for agent to answer all queries of customer with the CTI integration with the TAXI management System

100% Call recording for quality control and training

Call Conferencing to help connect all stake holders quickly on the same call

Helping to route calls from multi location to a centralized call center in Delhi

Auto Call Back for abandoned calls in the queue which creates custom delight and helps Mega cab not to lose any lead