C-Zentrix provides SMC 99.5% uptime, enhanced security and productivity

C-Zentrix provides SMC 99.5% uptime, enhanced security and productivity 2017-10-30T09:36:48+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

SMC is India’s leading financial services and investment solutions providers and has been rated as India’s best equity & best currency broker and broking house with the largest distribution network.

SMC has expanded its operations domestically as well as internationally. Existing network includes regional offices at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore plus a growing network of 43 branches & 2500+ registered sub-brokers and authorized person spread across 500+ cities and towns in India.

Business Challenges

The major challenge was to provide fast implementation, fail-safe operation and secure long-term storage for a complex trading and telephony infrastructure.

Following were some other concerns of SMC

Call Management for Online and Offline Traders.

Service Constraints to provide adequate support to their Online Traders and Brokers.

Compliance to IRDA regulations for Quality Purposes

Concern over Lead Security and their Transactional Records.

Maintaining the historical records of the complete IVR transactions and other contact center activities for dispute cases

Our Solution

To overcome the challenges faced by the SMC, C-Zentrix proposed its unique Single Box solution called C-Zentrix SME with an Active-Passive redundancy Module. The proposed solution then was customized to an advanced level to meet the requirement and counter the challenges being faced by the SMC on a daily basis.

Authentication of calling party on C-Zentrix happens through an API integration using their T-PINS followed by which the callers are allowed to continue their trading over the IVR itself.

Since the Payment Gateway is also integrated over the IVR, the entire trading cycle happens over the IVR, resulting in a smooth and hassle free trading experience. The IVR flow and call routing has so been designed that any calling party (Broker or Registered User) can be assisted on demand by their trading experts, at any given point of time and over a click of a Mobile Button.

C-Zentrix records and maintains all voice logs, IVR logs and other reports for future references. The complete telephony architecture has been designed keeping the Gov. Regulatory Issues in mind.

Business Benefits

The solution provided to SMC has enabled them to route most of their Trade Calls on IVR, in return reducing load on the other departments

T-PIN authentication module provided extra security.

Active-Passive redundant server architecture insures 99.5% of uptime.

C-Zentrix has proposed for the Number Masking on the CRM as advancement to their Security of their Leads (Prospects).

The complete Setup meets the IRDA regulatory guidelines.

Productivity management of the resources has become easier.