Implemented Advanced Global Testing to Accelerate software launch

Implemented Advanced Global Testing to Accelerate software launch 2017-10-30T10:59:29+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer Size: Large
Country: USA
Domain: Electronics & Semiconductor
Methodology: Agile & Scrum
Solution: Globalization Testing

Client Profile

A USA-based organization engaged in manufacturing semiconductor and integrated circuit solutions for defense & security, aerospace, medicine, energy and communication industries since 2011.

Business Scenario

The client, a semiconductor solutions providing company wanting to target non-English speaking markets, had already planned the launch of an electronic chip testing software, and wanted to test the software’s functioning. The software development was already delayed because of various rounds of feature development and therefore when they came to us, they wanted to test the software functionality across operating systems within a very limited time frame. We were asked to conduct use case based simulation without changing operations logic and software instructions; take the software through the complete testing cycle and test the software on a variety of operating systems across varied configurations and languages.

Our Solution

We thoroughly analyzed the basic functionality and installation process of the software and began the testing process by procuring different operating systems of different configurations and languages in multiple environments. We created a dedicated testing lab for this particular lab, which included setting up testing infrastructure and installing GUI software and Drivers. Our comprehensive testing environment decreased infrastructure costs, decreased turn-around time and our globalized testing ensured verifications across a variety of locale configuration and prevented errors.

Business Benefits

Software Testing Services Benefits

  • Reduced infrastructure costs with a ready-made testing environment
  • Delivered shortest turn-around time
  • Domain knowledge and globalization testing expertise helped enter international markets successfully

Benefits of Globalization Testing

  • Quick verification across different locale, configurations and language settings
  • Better performance predictability and prevention from errors