Cloud-based SCORM Compliant LMS for Educational & Corporate Enterprises

Cloud-based SCORM Compliant LMS for Educational & Corporate Enterprises 2017-10-30T10:41:21+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer: Large Enterprise
Country: US
Domain: Education
Technology: .NET
Programming Language: C#
Development Framework: .NET Framework 4.5
Database: SQL Server 2012
Browser Compatibility: Latest Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari
Development Environment: Windows

Client Profile

Our client is focused into employment, innovation, skill, development and entrepreneurship for quickening the economic growth. He ventures into educating start-ups, SMEs and student entrepreneurs creating large-scale jobs into emerging countries like Latin America, East Africa, India, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Business Scenario: The Learning and Development Division of our client was looking to develop a LMS (Learning Management System) Application to train their employees, vendors, distributors and do knowledge sharing with its customers for entrepreneurial experience and skills, extended up to a certain level for students who seek academic knowledge.

As per client it should be an application with enough flexibility to meet the requirement of non-native speakers, accessibility beyond borders and regions and must workable to across all the browsers at par. It should be a secured, centralized and knowledge-sharing platform compatible to any user-friendly operating system with Interactive UI intends to engage users.

Our Solution

Learning Management system has been our core forte and have made a number of world class LMS solutions all across the globe, we were through with restructuring existing LMS, best of clan cloud based eLearning solution flexible integration with existing ERP and CRM, Intranet or any other controlled access gateways through single sign on (SSO) fully secured and seamless user experience were few of the key areas.

Going through the high level need analysis of client, we developed A cloud based Instructor led training learning platform to train the students, employees, customers, and vendors. For online training sessions the portal is integrated with go to training and WebEx SCORM and FDA Part 11 Compliant conformant systems supported formats like HTML 5, PDF, Word and PowerPoint where the eLearning materials could be recorded, distributed, collaborated and shared.