Chemical Research and Manufacturing Company Implemented SAP B1

Chemical Research and Manufacturing Company Implemented SAP B1 2017-11-23T13:23:52+00:00

Project Description

Haryana Leather Chemicals

A joint venture with ICAP-SIRA Italy, having technical alliance with VISMON-SPAIN, Haryana leather is an integrated Research and manufacturing facility for Chemicals for Leather, Textile, Footwear and PVC Processing.

Business Challenge

The key business challenge with Haryana Leathers was non – integrated processes. Their inventory, MRP and production processes were not in sync with each other and as a result there were major gaps in procurement.

Why SAP B1?

Haryana Leathers needed a system that would integrate their inventory, production and procurement processes and at the same time give them real time insights into purchase and material costing. They chose SAP Business One as this is an internationally accepted, user-friendly software. Moreover SAP Business One includes managementof Last Purchase Price/ Material Costing for Stock and has an easy MRP + Cost Management system

Key Benefits

Easy management and integration of inventory, production and procurement.

Simplified MRP and Cost Management System.

Excise Record & Reporting Management.

Quick and easy WIP Inventory tracking.

Constant availability of actionable information