Centralized Content Management & Collaboration Solution on SharePoint

Centralized Content Management & Collaboration Solution on SharePoint 2017-10-30T10:40:01+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Customer Size: Large
Country: Sweden
Domain: Media
Solution: Microsoft SharePoint, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, Source Safe

Client Profile

The client of ours is a top Sweden based media broadcaster.

Business Scenario

A supreme media broadcaster in Sweden wanted an integrated, universal yet local system that could enhance information systems, resource allocating and cooperation among employees. The client wanted the information to flow evenly among its locations globally across multiple systems that had evolved organically over time.

The key necessities were:

  • Information allocation over a safe platform
  • Custom account story printing page
  • User, company and office administration
  • Modified branding for steady look and feel
  • Round the clock video streaming
  • Staff search for discovering user by country, company, office, department
  • Alert Directory incorporation for groups

Our Solution

The client advanced towards us to help them, select and execute an easy to manage information management system that advances the way the information is shared among the employees.

Our team of experts formed a SharePoint solution that has the potential to merge and coordinate in real-time with Active Directory-based integration.

In addition, the solution provides Staff directory search for finding user by country, company, office, and departments across the diverse locations.

At the end, the outcome is a collaborative surrounding that gives a single platform for providing collaboration and information transmitting built on Microsoft Office SharePoint.

The key properties developed in the system are:

Compact information management and collaboration solution that provides location wise websites for localized content sharing.

Intuitive content management interface that readily allows content writers to create and post web content using the latest interface

This site permits the users to post country’s specified news, employee interest programmes and competitions viable for employees of a specific location

This system executes version control and content is posted 24*7 so that employees are aware of the latest news at the company or the latest event happening in the organization

The site gives round the clock video streaming

The text editor immediately publishes localized content directly into the intranet front page without needing manual involvement

The site on its owns traces the user location and redirects the user to the country’s specific location website where they can see both the local news as well as news related to other locations and head-offices

Intuitive search provision permits the employees to search for their colleagues using this collaborating and networking tool for working together more efficiently thus promoting creative thinking.

The employees can attach their comments to the articles thus commencing communications that attracts more of the employees

The system allows the users to explain security rights to SharePoint sites, libraries. Correct assignment differs from single user, groups and Permissions levels range from read-only to full control



  • Efficient Collaboration allowing diversified employees
  • Automatic archival of information
  • Intense Search for quick results
  • Active Directory execution leading to a simple IT management and time saved in regulating security and user access
  • Less training because of SharePoint’s familiar Microsoft Office 2007 interface
  • Centralized information management system provides faster content publishing and advances the ways that employee’s use and transmit information