Snapdeal facilitated delightful & seamless customer interactions

Snapdeal facilitated delightful & seamless customer interactions 2017-10-30T09:36:31+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile which was initially launched as a deals company got converted into a full-fledged online market place and is an online retail website, headquartered in New Delhi, India. It has grown rapidly as the leading online market place for all kinds of goods including electronics, fashion, apparels, lifestyle products etc.

Snapdeal being an online E-Commerce company had to be very particular about the customer experience which is more virtual in nature than physical while communicating to the helpdesk using multi-media channel like Web, Voice, Email, SMS and Chat

Business Challenges

To reduce the Average Handling Time (AHT) of the agents to improve the efficiency of the work force.

To route specific calls to specific agents who are Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Automate the status update of orders for the customer by use of innovative technology

Have a single user interface for contact center agents for quick and crisp response

Have a system for communication which can scale quickly and provide HA (High Availability) and stability to the communication system

A system which can easily integrate with any third party application being used by Snap Deal

A system which can provide automated system for C-Sat survey

Our Solution

C-Zentrix Enterprise Solution provided a highly scalable platform with High Availability (HA mode) with multi-channel communication facility to Snap Deal contact center. The easy to install and quick to scale up capability of C-Zentrix saw Snap Deal ramp up the solution from initial 10 seats to now close to 200 seats in quick time, which was in line with their rapid growing business. C-Zentrix brought skill based routing, automated order status announcement using TTS (Text To Speech), Auto Dialer facility, standard CTI API, Call Control APIs, C-Sat survey over IVR to Snapdeal as a combined package over its platform.

Key Highlights 

Multi box C-Zentrix Enterprise Solution for High Availability and Load Balancing

Multiple channels communication support (Email, SMS and Phone)

Advanced Skill Based Routing to route the calls to the agent expertise in particular product, complain or query (Refund, Replace etc) which helps customer query to be answered correctly and also improves the AHT of the call center.

IVRs with TTS (text to speech) which was plugged in to the order booking engine of Snapdeal so that customer can call, punch in their order status and get an automated update over the IVR using an automated speech on the status of their order

C-Zentrix CTI API was used to integrate with Snap Deal CRM so that existing customer details are automatically flashed on the agent interface as soon as the call is connected on the agent desk.

C-Zentrix Call Control APIS (Dial, Disconnect, Hold, Conference, Transfer etc) was integrated to the Snap Deal CRM so that the agent interface is a single interface for all customer information and they do not have to toggle between multiple screens.

C-Zentrix IVR Based C-SAT module which helped Snapdeal to take feedback from customers over the IVR and do MIS and analyses to improve their customer care and support based on valuable feedbacks

C-Zentrix Robo-Call was used for automated confirmation on cash on delivery

Business Benefits

  • Complete end to end automation of the customer interaction process
  • Automation of activities like order status update etc for providing delightful experience to customers and saving resource and time at Snapdeal
  • Highly Stable and Load balanced system with capacity to scale up fast and quick
  • Very Customized Agent Screen for quick and easy response to the customer

All the internal systems including CRMs, Payment Gateway, Email and SMS Gateway etc were integrated seamlessly