RedBus achieved Low Call Abandon Ratio And Maximum Call Connect Rate

RedBus achieved Low Call Abandon Ratio And Maximum Call Connect Rate 2017-10-30T09:36:58+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

Redbus, also known as, is India’s biggest online bus ticketing company. The company also sells tickets through offline outlets. It has offices across all major cities of India in Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Lately, it was taken over by the IBIBO Group, a joint venture of South Africa’s Naspers and China’s Tencent in June 2013. Started modestly in August 2006 with a few seats from one bus operator, Redbus today is one of the most successful online bus tickets booking agencies. Today, it has 700 bus operators, 10,000 buses listed on it, works in 15 states and sells around 5,000 tickets every day.

Some of the important goals of RedBus are to enhance customer experience, increase customer retention, ensure anytime-anywhere availability and reduce the number calls going unanswered. For achieving these, RedBus planned to equip its call center with a solution that could automate and manage its customer interactions processes

Business Challenges

At RedBus most of the interactions with the customers were related to either ticket booking or inquires on booking status. RedBus faced major challenge to manage the irregular spike in call volumes especially during the holiday or festival seasons.

RedBus valued each and every call coming from its customers and wished to render hassle free service to all of them. Thus wanted to ensure that none of its customers’ call go abandoned. The various challenges faced by RedBus were

Inability to handle the increasing volume of call traffic

Difficulty in reducing the number of calls going missed or abandoned

Unable to identify repeat customers

Existing application was unable to perform during peak hours

As a leading player in the domain, Customer Experience Management is the foremost need and with manual handling of interactions, it was becoming increasingly difficult to curb technical glitches. Hence, RedBus was looking for a solution that could address to the following needs

Establishing an inbound customer care center

A solution that could deliver consistent performance

Smooth handling at times of large call traffic with Central management of interactions

A solution with redundancy and contingency plan in place

Our Solution

Understanding the business requirements of RedBus, C-Zentrix Enterprise Solution was offered for process automation and enabling centrally managed customer interactions. Details of the solution implemented:

Instant Addressal of abandon calls: Every abandon call meant a lost business opportunity or even could be annoying for an already dissatisfied customer. To address the issue, C-Zentrix provided automated forwarding to other locations so as to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Unified Business System: C-Zentrix integrated entire back-end applications to a single platform helping RedBus to consolidate all processes under a single roof. RedBus could now manage all locations from a single Web-based Interface.

Self-cum-Assisted Customer Service: C-Zentrix offered a fully self-serviced IVR with intelligent and skill based routing for quick and efficient management of irregular call traffic. Skill Based Routing over language was to give extra comfort for local people while booking tickets in their local languages.

Centralized View for all locations: C-View technology which has been designed in such a way that keeps a track of all activities of all servers installed at each location and provides a panel to manage the servers from the central location.

Business Benefits

The solution helped in saving costs, by providing multiple capabilities in single package.

Very low abandoned ratio and maximum call connect rate.

Central Monitoring and Management for all the locations.

Significant increase in customer satisfaction for RedBus.