C-Zentrix enabled Quikr to improve lead lifecycle and Turn Around Time

C-Zentrix enabled Quikr to improve lead lifecycle and Turn Around Time 2017-10-30T09:36:52+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

Quikr.com, India’s largest online and mobile classified portal based out of Mumbai, India was founded in 2008. Quikr provides the local community with an opportunity to help them buy, sells, rent, find something and address needs across many categories. These categories numbering over 12 and sub-categories over 140 range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics and many more

Community members can come here to find an apartment to live in, sell their old car, bike, music system, laptop or furniture, promote their small business, find a tuition class, join a salsa class, get an audience for a local event, buy any item that they might want or have to offer and make new friends while doing all of the above.

It provides a platform for local community in various cities in India to come together, meet, trade and help each other in many ways

Key Business Requirement

Quikr was looking to setup contact centers across India starting from Mumbai for Tele sales activity as well as customer care and support. The business challenge here was to deploy a centrally manageable system that integrates business operations and makes IT management hassle-free. With multi-channel marketing as well as incoming customer care query-handling processes, Quikr communication system is bombarded with enormous unstructured data. Information management i.e. segregation of this data into useful information and re-producing the desired information in real-time was an underlying need of the business.

Quikr reaches-out to present and prospective customers through multimedia channels like Phone, Email, Web, and SMS

Effective IT infrastructure to enable wider reach and information management was the prime requirement. The customer queries coming to Quikr and even the telemarketing campaigns being run had the regional and language barriers to meet. For this an intelligent system routing the calls to specific agents based on their language skills was a necessity.

Business Challenges

The major challenges faced while deploying the solution for Quikr were:

  • Manage the large number of missed calls received from the customers.
  • Arrange for immediate calls backs to ensure every customer should have delightful experience with Quikr.
  • Keep track of every field visit and update it on time.
  • Integration of C-Zentrix App – LMS with Quikr’s In-house CRM
  • Real Time Updating of each and every customer enquiry.

There were host of challenges faced by C-Zentrix while deploying the whole solution but the biggest challenge was to manage the precious leads that were received in the form of missed calls in the most effective and productive way.

Next sets of challenges were minor in terms of deployment and were handled smoothly.

Our Solution

C-Zentrix Enterprise – the all-in-one IPCC solution can be tightly integrated with the complex communication requirements of Quikr. C-Zentrix provides the flexibility to the user and provide effective customer information management. C-Zentrix pre-integrates a custom CRM interface with Quikr’s In-house CRM that empowered the CSR at Quikr with real-time customer information at a single web page thereby generating prompt service.

TV campaign prompted the customers to register their missed calls on Quikr’s advertised toll free number. The missed calls would then be pushed automatically to C-Zentrix predictive dialer to be dialed out immediately. To obtain minimum turnaround time to contact each lead generated through missed call, dialer algorithm was customized where all the fresh leads were programmed to be called with FIFO logic, those with pending time more than 30 minutes to be called with LIFO logic. This has helped in achieving minimum TAT for each lead. For the sake of convenience to the telecallers, C-Zentrix integrated basic telecaller’s CRM with Quikr’s CRM which helped them to view complete customer details and update on Quikr portal simultaneously.

Solution Highlights

  • Five box C-Zentrix Enterprise Solution
  • Multiple communication channels support
  • Unified easy to manage set-up
  • Customized CRM with In-house CRM Information
  • Full featured ACD/IVR for self and assisted service
  • Sending SMS/Email to customers and field executives on every new appointment scheduled
  • Skill based dialing for Fresh leads, Backlog leads and Callbacks
  • Real time system reports highlighting TAT for each registered lead

Business Benefits

The solution provided by C-Zentrix helped Quikr to track the complete life cycle of the lead along with their turnaround time frames.

The Turnaround Time (TAT) for the leads has reduced considerably since the custom dialer algorithm was implemented.

Administrator can pull out reports centrally over C-View server.

Customized MIS is available to track down operations efficiency.

Complete Voice Recording can be produced at any point of time