Helped Pidilite to Innovate Contact Center Strategy and 24×7 Delivery

Helped Pidilite to Innovate Contact Center Strategy and 24×7 Delivery 2017-10-30T09:39:48+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

Pidilite Industries Limited is the market leader in adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, hobby colors and polymer emulsions in India. It is the largest adhesive manufacturer in India. It also has worldwide presence in adhesives, art material and industrial chemicals. Pidilite is growing its International presence through acquisitions and setting up manufacturing facilities and sales offices in important regions around the world like Singapore, Dubai and Brazil and Middle East regions

Business Challenges

Being the largest selling brand in adhesives, Pidilite was facing challenges in managing huge data of stakeholders and leads with manual follow-ups and escalations. It was difficult to address complaints and grievances within the minimum time without a centralized manageable solution. There was no history of previous communication with any customer. It had become very annoying for the customer to explain the details with every call to the customer care executive. Also, for all the follow-ups sales executives were not having reminders or alerts. If any lead is not contacted for considerable time, there was no tracking for such leads. Information management i.e. segregation of this data into useful information and reproducing the desired information in real-time was the need of the hour. Lead generation was hugely dependent on the field executives. They were then handed over to the customer care for the follow-up. The manual process was hugely time consuming. Pidilite needed readily accessible software on which they could upload the details of lead the same could be followed up instantly.

Our Solution

Pidilite being committed to innovation since five decades was in search of equally innovative technology and C-Zentrix did fulfill the need. C-Zentrix implemented its unique single box solution called C-Zentrix SME Contact Center along with Auto dialer and Enterprise Suite CRM to enable Pidilite automate its business process. C-Zentrix was deployed at Pidilite to provide a unified window for interactions management and empowering them to deliver superior customer experience.

Solution Highlights

Every incoming call details logged into system, Unique lead number generated for every lead and tickets generated against the lead number

Offering callers, details about Product, Price, Solutions, Dealer and TSI information

Creation of Tickets, Leads and General Enquiries

Hierarchy wise login for sales executives into CRM to add lead, edit lead status etc.

For every change in lead status, lead is pushed into Auto dialer and verified by customer care executives

Track all leads till closure. Auto dialing for each stage of lead till the lead is closed. For each stage of escalation, auto SMS, email etc sent to designated employees of PIL / DFAC.

All follow-ups and escalation leads pushed into Auto dialer using web service

Lead details visible to the customer care executive upon call connection

100% voice recording

Manager activity report, lead status reports, available in the CRM

Tablet version of C-Zentrix for the field executives

Android application (offline CRM)

C-Zentrix solution seamlessly integrated with existing business application, enabling Pidilite to record and track customers’ history. This helped Pidilite to keep a close watch on the repeat customers and connecting them to the right agent, henceforth creating a lasting impression upon the customers. C-Zentrix, being easily scalable and reliable software could easily adapt to the changes in Pidilite business processes, like an increase in the number of agents etc. Besides having the ability to accept changes, C-Zentrix saved both time and money.

Business Benefits

  • Pidilite achieved excellent customer interaction management.
  • Solution thus implemented proved to be an innovative and unmatched value proposition. Helped Pidilite in innovating around their contact center strategy and deliver consistent user experience.
  • Automation of entire business processes, with no fall back upon manual interventions, the solution enabled Pidilite to setup a customer support center with 24×7 availability.
  • With C-Zentrix powering their operations, Pidilite is now looking forward to expanding their business