Orange Travels exceed its customer expectations, brand & customer loyalty

Orange Travels exceed its customer expectations, brand & customer loyalty 2017-10-30T09:37:03+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

Ever since its inception in 2011, Orange Tours and Travels has been the largest branded meter cab operator in Hyderabad. Orange Cabs commissioned meter cabs in the year 2003 with two-way communications system with state of the art technology and Call Center facility.

Orange Travels is in the process of creating a highly sophisticated transport network that will move people and materials efficiently through the country, in a way that contributes to the quality of life for all residents, businesses and visitors

Key Business Requirements

In order to provide better services to the public, and in line with the Orange Travels’ overall strategic plan, the Customer Service Center was required with the aim to meet all customer needs and respond to their constructive feedback in an ongoing manner. The goal was to develop a platform for the commuters to procure information as well as voice their problems/ suggestions regarding the offered services.

The queries coming to the Customer Care being run had the regional and language barriers to meet. For this an intelligent system routing the calls to specific agents based on their language skills was a necessity. Effective IT infrastructure to enable wider reach and information management was the underlying need of the business

Business Challenges

The aim is to enable Orange Travels to handle consumer queries and complaints in an accurate and timely manner. Manual call handling, manual recording and reporting and no follow-up or tracking system resulted in low operational efficiency as well as dropping commuter satisfaction levels. In the era of highly advanced automation systems and applications to handle the operations, Orange Travels was lagging behind. The major challenges could be summed up as below

  • Improved Customer Care Unit
  • A well-structured information dissemination system
  • Accurate and timely handling of queries and complaints

Next set of challenges were minor in terms of deployment and were handled smoothly

Our Solution

C-Zentrix’s unique singe box solution called C-Zentrix SME along with its Ticketing CRM application was proposed to Orange Cabs post careful evaluation of their requirements.

With C-Zentrix as the technology base, a multi-lingual and multi-channel IVRS was implemented to enable the customers to contact for:

Any service information

Feedback or suggestion

Complaint registration

C-Zentrix also provided a structured ticketing system along with a transparent tracking system to ensure that the customer voice did not go unnoticed and each query was resolved appropriately. Orange Travels was provided with:

Multimedia channels for complaints/feedback receipt

Generate subsequent tickets and register interaction

Resolutions based on service delivery TAT’s

Notifications of the query status to the customer

Regular follow-ups and reporting

Business Benefits

  • Automated voice response solution reduced the call handling time and significantly enhanced the unit’s productivity.
  • C-Zentrix’s reporting and quality monitoring features enabled Orange Travels to track their processes and hence, improvise services.
  • C-Zentrix met very strict client requirements of high availability and provision of scalable & reliable solution handling transactions with real-time comprehensive monitoring mechanism to manage internal KPI’s.
  • Tracking of the tickets helped Orange Travels to reduce their turn-around-time for each call to minimum.
  • SMS/E-mail notifications of the query status added to the customer satisfaction levels that were evident from their commuters’ responses.