Digitizing Data Capture and Sharing for Environmental Monitoring Solution

Digitizing Data Capture and Sharing for Environmental Monitoring Solution 2017-10-30T10:37:50+00:00

Project Description

Client Profile

Our client is a provider of software solutions to the exploration, resources and mining industries in Australia and wanted to make the process of environment monitoring, reporting and compliance more seamless and affordable.

Business Scenario

Australian mining companies have to adhere to stringent rules and regulations, wherein they need to take the help of consultants to collect samples and send for laboratory testing. This leads to certain problems including costly periodic visits of consultants, high chance of failure owing to manual monitoring, and more.

Our Solution

We conducted a thorough study of the client’s business flow and developed and implemented a solution that managed environmental monitoring for multiple projects, helped assign jobs to consultants and helped the client send digital data; and allowed the client/consultant to access relevant digital data, plan visits, take observations, generate reports and do a whole lot more. To make sure that the solution can be created easily and by the maximum number of people we developed an app that could work across diverse mobile platforms and operating systems. We used Xamarin to create a custom Windows Metro app supported with a web application. The benefits it brought to the client include cost reduction, smooth collaboration, faster processing, and scalability.

Business Benefits

Significant cost reduction for environmental monitoring

Easy and fast collaboration between industries and related organizations participating in the assignment

Faster processing with Automated Data Gathering, Sharing & Reporting Process

Identifying shortest path for navigating to sites for the assignment

Solution compatible to needs of different industries and easy to customize– future source of revenue

Reduced time & cost of development with Xamarin

Support to a wide range of devices by building cross-platform app

Quick response time because of Reactive User interface for app