A Perfect BI Solution for Public Bus Transport System

A Perfect BI Solution for Public Bus Transport System 2017-10-14T07:40:12+00:00

Project Description

Project Brief

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: UK
Domain: Transportation
Solution: SQL Server and MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), ASP.NET, C#, Web GUI, MDX queries

Client Profile

A UK based ISV with intellectual expertise in Traffic and Public Transportation sector, serving hardware and software solutions to government bodies and private transport entrepreneur. Punctilious at rendering real-time solutions well suiting the demands of various countries of UK and Australia

Business Scenario

The client required a solution that helps in tracking real-time information to abstract best practices for a perfect public bus transport fleet management, which yields satisfaction to the commuters. Advanced technology, architectural framework and logical solutions were required which can serve as a single platform for both, local government authorities and private transport entrepreneur.

Considering the above situation, client asked for BI consultants and development service providers to design a solution that:

  • Acts as an apt solution for regular and non-regular service operators as well as traffic administrators.
  • Aids traffic administrators in determining the ideal number of service in the common corridor
  • To help the operators and local authorities to take decision regarding the penance due to early or delayed departure affecting the EWT of the commuters.
  • To Enable the operators to notify and justify the unusual hazards in the service avoiding penance

Our Solution

We offered an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) solution, which acts as a core part of the BI policy by participating in Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC). In the phase of implementation, we designed and maintained a solution that provides excellent and self-service BI analytics. 

Procedure Phase

The BICC with participants such as experts of the Transport Act along with us as a technology partner was developed with an motive to excerpt best practices for an ideal Fleet Management by settle the following problems:

Business Implementation

Problem to tracking early and delayed regular and non-regular operator services

Identifying ideal number of service needed on the common corridor

Dealing with unusual Hazards

Technological Skills

Stage for Collection and display of real-time information

Dealing with complexity of data base

Enabling self-service BI

Analytical Skills

Preparing reports highlighting the early and delayed regular and non-regular bus services

Standard reports of strange hazards used to alert the local authorities to justify delay or cancellation of service

Enabling authorities in processing and analysing the data with Self-Service BI reports