Multilingual Search Engine for Events using Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Multilingual Search Engine for Events using Microsoft Cloud Solutions 2017-10-30T10:45:05+00:00

Project Description

Project Details

Country: Italy
Domain: Events
Solution: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Framework 3.5 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Azure Services, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queue, Azure Table, Cloudberry Explorer, Windows Azure Management, ORM: Subsonic 2.0.3, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Facebook Social Network Plug-in, Google Map, Google Analytics, SQL Azure

Business Scenarios

Client wanted to form a secure, common event database that could convey search results in not more than 2 seconds regardless of the size of the database. This multilingual system was to be powerful so that the system could mechanically scale up/scale down depending on the load.

Brief Requirement that comprised of

A search engine that had a plain design and quick retrieval rate (as low as 2 seconds even with great volume of user’s event search requests and High Volume of Event in the system almost around 1 Billion every year)

An IP address based and a spatial search

Simplified view/features for the end users.

Full Management of organisation engagement workflow

For the staff to suggest the organisation

Easy registration and organisation of the event

An intense reporting module for the site manager

Our Solution

In order to meet the specifications given by the client we chose Windows Azure platform (for its feature of auto- scalability) to design this scalable events based search engine.

This search engine contained following major modules:

  • Intuitive Backend for easy event administration and registration
  • Event organizers dashboard
  • A quick and simplified search engine

This system designed with a revenue model established on advertising and marketing campaigns. This platform facilitates functionalities to event promoters and marketing managers to register and manage their particular events.

Our designers generated complex search algorithms that could deliver search results within 2 seconds irrespective of the database size. The search engines used IP address based and spatial search that could strain and automatically give relevant search results based on the visitor position.

The guide for multi-lingual system provided wizard driven screens to register organizations and record their events. In addition, the screen offered suggestive comments ensuring that the organizations could reuse earlier event registration information to register their events quicker. Other than self-registration facility the system gave the event managers that facility to engage their parties to populate the search engines.

A Work based registration process made sure that the registrations went under thorough check and approval before final publishing.

Our developers designed utilities like PDF to Image convertor allowed the event managers to just upload event details as PDF’s and the system automatically changes them to images making the system more user friendly.
Additionally, batch processes and schedulers were designed to make sure that backend static processes were performed and done with least manual interruption reducing the utilization of resources. The system regularly ensured that only active (present and future) events were listed in the search results and database was frequently updated.

Business Benefits

Latest event database leads to quicker and relevant search results

Spatial search, IP address based search helped users to easily locate events near their locations.

Third party services can be used by organizations to create and manage event