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“Small, Smart and Affordable Contact Center Solution for Small BPOs”


C-Zentrix Mini is a contact center solution for small size tele calling operations for companies who won’t have major utility for Agent User Interface or CRM application and other customer engagement applications but primarily focus on tele-calling (inbound or outbound). It supports up to 150 concurrent tele callers with 240 voice channels (TDM or VoIP) on a single PC server with all the call center functionalities like IVR, ACD, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger , limited MIS Reporting and Call bargeing. The solution is specifically crafted for small call center who are looking for cost effective solution with quick and easy installation and easy to use modules with user-friendly interfaces.


Key Features

The C-Zentrix Mini solution can be installed on any standard PC server available with the customer. A Dual Xeon server can support up to 150 concurrent tele callers with all the applications of the contact center.

The C-Zentrix Mini solution is specially crafted as a lite version of C-Zentrix SME for small call center operations. It contains all the key elements of a tele calling solution without the CRM and Customer Engagement (Email, SMS and Chat) elements. This helps to make the solution very affordable in a price sensitive market and still provides a world class solution for the tele calling units.

C-Zentrix Mini comes with an equally powerful dialer as in the full version C-Zentrix SME for improving contactability of the tele calling team. The dialer can operate in Predictive or Progressive mode as per the requirement. When a call is connected to the tele caller the phone number of the customer can be whispered to the tele caller to whom the call is connected.

C-Zentrix Mini is easy to manage and maintain for the customers. It can be easily handled by an IT administrator who takes care of all other IT resources inside the company. The entire application can be managed form the web based interfaces and is easy to navigate and configure as per ones requirement. The web based interfaces helps the customer to manage the setup remotely over an internet connection as and when required.

Despite being a lite version of the C-Zentrix solution it comes with the facility to record 100% calls in wav or .mp3 format as per the need. All the recorded calls can be retrieved from the C-Zentrix Mini server based on the date, time, agent name, customer phone number etc.

Tele callers can login from a remote location to the C-Zentrix SME using landline, mobile phone or IP phone and take calls without any interruption in the same manner as they take calls while being in the office. This functionally is useful for emergency operations, field force who have to be intouch with customers constantly or companies who are looking to save costs by having work from home flexibility for their work force.

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Competitive Differentiators

  • Capability to run 120 concurrent tele callers on a single server with all call center functionalities

  • Can be installed on any standard PC server

  • Voice Logger as an inbuilt functionality of the contact center solution

  • No need for tele caller’s desktop. Tele callers can login and take calls using their phones

  • Tele callers can login to C-Zentrix ACD using soft phone, hard IP phone, analog phones or mobile phones remotely from any-where on the globe

  • Advanced dashboard and MIS Reports can be pulled by the supervisors and managers sitting remotely over a normal internet connection

  • Facility to remote barge in to the calls using mobile phones or IP phones and pulls out voice logs on normal internet connection