Meanstack Development Service

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MEAN Stack Development Service

MEAN Stack is based on JavaScript and NIC Gulf’s MEAN stack developers in Dubai have proven expertise to construct dynamic web applications using this framework. Compared to conventional platforms, MEAN Stack is primarily designed for demanding modern day enterprise needs and works with multiple high-end coding languages to efficiently deliver on client projects.

Why Choose MEAN Stack?

We us MEAN Stack to achieve complex web development requirements for our client as its architecture enables us to do so with ease. MEAN is an abbreviation used for four different platforms:

  • MongoDB based on the noSQL database supports different data formats, is agile and has a flexible architecture.
  • JS is used to construct pages
  • JSto create highly dynamic, fast responsive websites.
  • Developers also combine Angular JS to bring the best out of Mean Stack.

Advantages of MEAN Stack

  • Dynamic websites
  • Highly reliable database management for large enterprise requirements
  • New features can be added at any point after development
  • Easy to migrate data
  • Harness the power of four different platforms to meet demanding web development requirements

NIC Gulfhas a team of MEAN developers in Dubai who have acquired in-depth knowledge of MongoDB, Node.JS, Express.JS and Angular.JS; this enables us to hit the bullseye every single time when it comes to MEAN stack development. Our services are impeccable, on time and highly reliable. Customization is at the forefront of our services, so that you can meet your business’ requirements.

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