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“Chat adoption has increased by 50% in last 5 years”


A text based chat application driven by customer business rules. Live chat is very easy to use and integrate into your system, it adds a new dimension of productivity to your business. Live chat comes embedded with lots of features like easy file transfer, chat transfer, etc. Enables you to analyze your business productivity at any given point of time through multiple types of summarized and detailed reports and make changes in the system on the go to increase productivity through analysis.


Key Features

It’s a complete web based solution with browser based management and administration. Small application needs to be installed initially on each desktop whose screen needs to be recorded and then the application can be managed remotely by the administrator from anywhere on the network.

The screen is recorded in standard video format and can be easily played on any video player.

The screen logger solution integrates with the C-Zentrix voice logger to provide a complete recording solution for quality and audit. The quality manager can listen to the calls and watch real time videos of the activities of the agents screen giving him tehe clear pictures of the customer transaction with the agent.

Standard APIs are available to push to the screen recordings to any existing application as per the customer’s requirement.

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