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“The Customer Engagement Solution for very Large Enterprises & BPO’s”


The C-Zentrix Enterprise has been designed specifically with the purpose of providing highly scalable clustered customer engagement solution with High Availability (HA) and Load balancing as the key functionalities. The solution is scalable up to 1000 + concurrent agents with multi-channel facility of voice, chat, email, SMS and social media interface for a complete customer engagement experience. The high availability of the solution makes it a perfect fit for critical call center operations like Banking, Emergency Services, Telecom,etc where up-time of 99.999% is needed. The solution is meant for large enterprises and BPO`s.


Key Features

The C-Zentrix Enterprises solution can be installed on standard PC servers available with the customer. A set of 7 clustered Xeon Servers can support up to 300 concurrent tele-callers with HA and Load Balancing. All servers are standard Quad Xeon Servers with 16 GB RAM, multiple HDD and Ethernet interfaces with dual power supply.

The C-Zentrix Enterprise solution has an auto fail over mechanism at each level of application software and hardware which provides for high availability with an uptime of 99.999% for the entire hardware and software solution. The automatic fail over at the gateway level, ACD level and agent login level helps to build a 99.999% up-time system.

The tele callers desktop can have Windows or Linux OS. The agent can use any browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) to login to C-Zentrix Enterprise software. Customer can decide to have thin client with minimal processing and storage capabilities in case the customer is not deciding to use soft phone.

The intelligent and intuitive load balancing capabilities of the solution are the highlights of the product. The load balancer helps to balance the call load across multiple ACD`s based on the tele caller`s availability, quickest route to a free tele caller, average wait in the queue as per the SLA defined by the administrator. The load balancer can be configured and customized exactly as per the need of the enterprise.

C-Zentrix Enterprise cluster is easy to manage and maintain for the customers. It can be easily handled by a dedicated administrator for the solution. The entire application can be managed from the web based interfaces and is easy to navigate and configure as per ones requirement. The web based interface helps the customer to manage the setup remotely over an internet connection as and when required.

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Competitive Differentiators

  • Capability to run 1000 concurrent tele callers on a single cluster with all call center functionalities

  • Cluster can be installed on any standard PC servers

  • Voice and Screen logger an inbuilt functionality of the contact center solution

  • Multi-channel customer engagement solution which can be integrated with the C-Zentrix ticketing & lead management app for complete engagement experience

  • No client application to be installed on the tele callers’ desktop. C-Zentrix enterprise server can be accessed over a normal browser

  • Agent can login to C-Zentrix ACD using soft phones, hard IP phones, analog phones or mobile phones remotely from anywhere on the globe with an auto fail over mechanism

  • Advanced dashboard and MIS Reports available as a single view and can be pulled out by the supervisors and managers sitting remotely over the normal internet connection

  • Facility to remote barge in the calls using mobile phones or IP phones and pull out voice logs

  • Advanced load balancer with capability to balance load as per the SLA settings by the administrator