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“A Distinctive and Striking Identity for Brand to Give It a Competitive Edge”

A corporate identity is central to your brand building efforts. It is the identity that stares out of your business cards, business letterhead, website, brochures, flyers and even billboards. It is one of the more important ways your business is recognized by your target audience and also determines the ways it’s been seen. Your business’s credibility also rests on the way its corporate identity is perceived by your target audience. If it’s not seen in the correct way, say goodbye to any chances of making a right impression on your audience.

This is why you must partner with NIC Gulf, a company whose corporate branding services have been used and appreciated by companies not only in Dubai,but also across the globe. We help build corporate identities that will stand the test of time through their sheer associability across demographics and cultures.

Why NIC Gulf for Your Corporate Branding Needs?

Meeting the Highest Standards of Excellence

We do not take a chance with our corporate branding services. Whether it’s creating a logo, a banner ad, a stationery deck, public relations document, brochure or some other business collateral, our corporate branding services are fully process driven.

First, we conduct thorough research into the market and also gain complete understanding of your business and its goals. We then set about understanding the likes and dislikes of your audience. We then understand this information, identify overlapping points of reference, and only then set about creating an identity for your business.

Proven Track Record of Creating Identities that Break Through the Clutter

More often than not, your business will need to compete with established players in the industry/domain. In such cases, your corporate identity acts as a differentiator and in many cases as a growth driver.

If you are looking for reputed corporate branding services, contact us NOW!

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