Codeignitor Development Service

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CodeIgniter Development Service

Everything about CodeIgniter is a testimonial to the flexibility and scalability of this platform! The web development framework which is based on PHP is known for its exceptional speed and a highly intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use on the client side – that’s you.

Similar to many other modern day development platforms, CodeIgniter is based on Model View Controller, commonly known as the MVC architecture. Web applications developed using this technology are fully compatible with PHP4, PHP5 and various types of contemporary configurations.

Why Choose CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter developers at NIC Gulf create apps much faster on this framework. Also, the MVC architecturecoupled with increased compatibility and simplified database management makes it a comprehensive solution for all your web development needs. The framework supports cross-site scripting, XSS and can be used to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • Website URLs built on this particular framework are SEO friendly and will help your business gain significant reach on Google search
  • Stability is at its core making it reliable and an architecture that is open for expansion with a strong base
  • Works with PHP codes and HTML, allowing developers to introduce new functionalities making it a cost-efficient solution
  • UI based website developments are easy to debug
  • Supports increased level of customization on both user interface and admin panel

With proven years of experience, NIC Gulf has a dedicated team of CodeIgniter coders. We provide highly customized services that quickly integrate with your existing setup and also give utmost importance to security.

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