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CakePHP Development Services

CakePHP development is based on the PHP language, and is a rapid application development platform based on the MVC. Thisplatform reduces the overall cost of building apps and helps deliver a highly powerful, robust solution for business establishments of every size.

Expert CakePHPdevelopers at NIC Gulf create user-centric, scalable web applications based on the model view controller architecture offered by CakePHP. They strengthen your enterprise by offering a string of benefits within your budget.

Why Choose CakePHP?

CakePHP is a highly mature framework with the best security features and is used to run some of the largest websites in the world. It requires minimal setup, easy to run and requires database authentication, adding to its reliability factor. The application features a flexible caching system, ACL and built-in object relational mapping framework.

Advantages of Using CakePHP

  • Compared to other applications, CakePHP is open ended allowing developers to fine tune the applications to your individual requirements
  • Built from the ground up to be a reliable platform for online shopping carts
  • Safe and secure – the two essential aspects of digital shopping are delivered through this application
  • Highly compatible with a wide range of operating systems, browsers and expandable coding that can always be altered to suit your changing business needs

NIC Gulf, with its team of CakePHP developers specializes in offering the most reliable, customer driven CakePHP development service. We create intuitive, bug free solutions combined with customer support ready to solve your queries whenever they arise.

Get in touch with our customer representative to know more about what our CakePHP development service can do for your business.