Fixed Project Cost

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Fixed Project Cost

This is very popular engagement model which client feels comfortable dealing with emphasis given on fixed MONEY and TIME. Shidore Microsys has perfected with this model and adapted it with high quality delivery.

This engagement model is ideally suited for developing applications which is well known and well understood solutions with relatively lower cost and lower complexity.

Customer has to provide detailed specification document about the application to be developed from us. Shidore Microsys will review the specifications and ensure that we clarify all details, queries explicitly. Based on this discussion Shidore Microsys will design effort analysis and propose a fixed price and timeframe for the project execution.

Once acceptance is done, customer and omni-bridge will enter into an agreement that would cover documentations, application design, testing, support span, communication protocols, milestones and commercials.

As the name suggests this model has fixed Cost & time frame, there are limited risks for both the parties. One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it mitigates reduced risk for both the parties involved in the assignment.
“Higher The Detailing Lower Are The Surprises”.

Scope of the project once defined will have limited or minimal scope for new ideas or new requirements. Application Scope will be finalized by mutual discussion with you and Shidore Microsys Systems. So this model works perfectly for the projects where specifications of the project/product are clear.

NO Description Price
1 Lorem ipsum dolor $1234
2 Lorem ipsum dolor $1234
3 Lorem ipsum dolor $1234
4 Total fixed capital $1234